Just as children are sent to school to help reach their full potential, BA K9 is a place where owners can send their dogs.

Service provides a safe, intimate, and structured environment where your dog is properly socialized with other dogs. Once a client's dog has completed a board and train program, those clients will get a discounted rate for daycare and boarding,

Services while at BA Dog School:

The pre-requisite to any of Ben’s programs is an at-home consultation, prior to scheduling. $75.00 per day.
Dog School includes:

Physical and mental fulfillment to address client’s dog’s needs through structured exercise.
Proper socialization, with a calm state of mind.
A place where dogs can be properly socialized around other dogs. Our goal is to physically and mentally fulfill (drain) your dog, so that dogs goes home exhausted ad tired but in a calm agreeable state of mind.
Our daycare consists of physical and mental exercise
The day begins with getting everyone into a calm state of mind-trainers and dogs alike with a very low level of social interaction between dogs.
The biggest way we physically and mentally fulfill our dogs is by going on PACK WALKS.

Pack Walks
This takes an hour-hour and half
Each handler takes 3-10 dogs of all breeds
After pack walks, we let dogs cool down waiting for dogs get back to a calm state of mind…which is when proper socialization can begin.

Our Dog School vs. most day cares is that we will provide safe structured socialization with our number one goal being to physically and mentally drain the dogs before we address socialization. It is it NOT our goal to have dogs play and be excited.
We like to set rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Our dog school is in an intimate facility, so there are limited spots to fill each day at BA Dog School.

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